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Developed by a team with a ‘product-first’ philosophy, ironSource’s platform lets you build a solution that’s a perfect fit for your game’s monetization strategy. Whether it’s combining the traditional waterfall model with in-app bidding, or cross promoting your games, our platform keeps control in your hands.

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The hybrid monetization model

For some developers, the traditional waterfall model may still be relevant. ironSource offers both LevelPlay in-app bidding and a traditional waterfall model, through a hybrid platform solution that maximizes ad revenue and increases competition for your inventory.

One place for everything

The ironSource mediation platform makes monetization management straightforward and easy. Log into one single dashboard, and get a comprehensive view of all your performance, with unified reporting covering a wide range of breakdowns. Learn more.

Get the most out of your data

Make the right decisions for your game business with reliable and accessible reporting. Get insights on cohort analysis like ad ARPU, and analyze user activity with metrics like DAU, ARPDAU, ARPDEU, and Engagement Rate.

Empowering developers of all sizes

We believe developers of all sizes should get access to the best technology available. That’s why all networks and features on the ironSource mediation platform are ready for use the moment you download our SDK.

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A full suite of first-class growth products

A/B testing

Test different ad monetization strategies like waterfalls, placements, and segments, and see with certainty which one will maximize your LTV

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Cross promotion

Keep users within your game portoflio and run cross promotion campaigns with all the benefits of ironSource ad network and mediation technology

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Ad revenue measurement

Make better monetization and UA decisions by getting the full picture on the value of each user and which channel that user came from

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Top developers using our mediation

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The total amount of users who visit an app on a daily basis.

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The average revenue per daily active user.

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The percentage of users who actively engage with ads in an app.

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