Case Study
Amanotes boosts total installs with ironSource cross promotion solution

Operating out of Vietnam, Amanotes is a fast growing app publisher with the mission to delight people with magical musical experiences. 

Amanotes has had several games in the top 100 free apps in the US including, Magic Tiles 3, Dunk n beat, Hop Ball 3D, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, Dancing Road and more. 

Rahul Ravindranath is a Monetization Specialist at Amanotes, and recently spoke to us about how his team uses ironSource’s cross promotion solution. Read on for his story. 

When cross promoting your games, what challenges was Amanotes facing?

At Amanotes, we operate a portfolio of several successful games, and so maintaining players within our ecosystem is crucial. Our team used to do cross promotion using different networks, including ironSource - essentially buying our own supply, as part of any other user acquisition campaign. 

Doing so provided us with access to network optimization and therefore to higher quality users, but also brought a few issues: 

First, we had no transparency on cross promotion’s impact on monetization performance, since cross promotion and other network campaigns were delivered blended together within each waterfall instance. 

Additionally, we were driving up the price of our own inventory since we were essentially competing with other advertisers over the same instance. This ultimately affected our user acquisition performance, including ROI and scale.

How did ironSource's product help provide a solution?

We tested many cross promotion tools on the market, including ironSource’s. In fact, we were beta testers of the ironSource tool. 

ironSource’s cross promotion tool enabled us to cross promote our portfolio on Magic Tiles 3 while utilizing the technology of both an ad network and mediation platform - including ROAS optimization, machine learning targeting, and dynamic suppression on the advertiser side and waterfall control, performance transparency, and detailed reporting on the monetization side. With the help of our account manager, the operation and implementation across on Magic Tiles 3 were easy and seamless.

What results did you see from using ironSource's cross promotion tool?

Using the ironSource solution, we saw Magic Tiles 3 drive 50% of our portfolio's installs, up from 20% - ultimately boosting our total installs. CPI more or less stayed the same and even decreased in some cases.

See the graph below which depicts total installs for Magic Tiles 3 before and after using the ironSource cross promotion tool, where eCPI is the orange line and share of voice is the gray.

As you can see, now we get significantly more scale for lower CPIs and better ROAS - largely thanks to the solution’s fee, which is lower than a network’s standard operating margin.

What’s more, the ironSource tool gives us full transparency on cross promotion performance KPIs (including margin!) on both the user acquisition and monetization side. 

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