In-App Bidding

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The next step in monetization

In-app bidding is a solution which opens up an app developer’s inventory for real-time auction, requesting ad sources to bid on each impression simultaneously. It’s designed to help app developers maximize their ad yield by increasing the competition for their inventory, as well as save manpower by effectively automating their waterfall processes. ironSource now supports in-app bidding for mobile apps.

The benefits of in-app bidding for app developers

Maximize ad revenue

The in-app bidding auction ensures the highest paying ad source always wins the impression, which means more revenue for the developer. Plus, since ad sources get a chance to bid on every impression, developers never risk losing out on a potentially higher bid.

Save on operational costs

No matter how a waterfall is set up, there are high operational costs for manually adjusting ad sources according to performance each day. By guaranteeing maximum revenue for each impression, in-app bidding automates optimization and eliminates the need to manually adjust the waterfall.

Get the most out of your data

With in-app bidding, developers get full transparency – revealing the real value of every ad impression and additional granular data which can be used to optimize and manage monetization.

Reduce latency

In contrast to the waterfall system, in which ad requests by the mediation take valuable time triggering a series of ad requests on the waterfall, in-app bidding guarantees that winning ad sources will load and fill the impression – effectively reducing buying and selling to mere milliseconds.

What makes ironSource unique

A/B testing capabilities

ironSource’s in-app bidding comes with all the benefits and features of our mediation platform – including our monetization A/B testing tool. With this tool, developers can test between a traditional waterfall, an in-app bidding solution, or a combination of both, allowing them to choose the strategy that brings maximum value.

Emphasis on tech stability

Built by a team with a ‘product-first’ philosophy, ironSource’s in-app bidding solution goes beyond maximizing revenue and yield – the technology also minimizes its footprint while the app is running, so that developers never have to worry about performance issues like over-caching of ads.

The hybrid model

Depending on the type of app developer and the deals they might have secured with ad networks or direct advertisers, the traditional waterfall model may still be relevant. This is why ironSource offers developers both in-app bidding and a traditional waterfall model, through a hybrid platform solution that keeps the developer in control.

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