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Empowering every developer to maximize revenue with in-app bidding

LevelPlay opens up app developers’ inventory for a real-time bidding auction, requesting ad sources to bid on each impression simultaneously. LevelPlay is now automatically enabled for every ironSource partner, along with all of the available bidding networks. This means that you can start maximizing your revenue with LevelPlay right now.

Maximize ad revenue

Since ad sources get a chance to bid on every impression, developers never risk losing out on a potentially higher bid.

Reduce all operations

By guaranteeing maximum revenue for each impression, in-app bidding automates optimization and eliminates the need to manually adjust the waterfall.

Get the most of your data

Full transparency reveals the value of every ad impression and additional granular data which can be used to optimize and manage monetization.

What makes LevelPlay unique

You’re already pre-approved

All ironSource partners now get instant access to every available bidding network, including Facebook Audience Network. This makes ironSource the first and only platform to empower every developer to maximize revenue with in-app bidding.

Easy A/B testing

ironSource’s bidding testing tool lets you compare the performance of a traditional waterfall vs. a hybrid bidding waterfall – with zero setup. Performance KPIs are transparent and can be broken down from day one, so you get all the data you need to make the decision to switch.

Emphasis on tech stability

Built by a team with a ‘product-first’ philosophy, LevelPlay minimizes its footprint while the app is running, so that you never have to worry about performance issues like over-caching of ads.

Supporting the highest-quality
bidding ad sources

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