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Advertise your app and connect with high-impact users

With ironSource, advertising on apps is made easy. Our app distribution platform is powered by machine learning, with predictive algorithms to help you connect to users who play for months, not minutes – wherever they are in the world. Find your next whales on our global direct supply, and connect to them through high-impact creatives.

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Make the most of your spend

Make each app advertising dollar go further with ironSource UA campaigns. Our proprietary bid optimization technology and ROAS optimizer allows you to optimize bids across app, geo, and device, ensuring you’re always paying the most competitive app advertising rates and prices for the highest-value users.

Real-time insights

We provide real-time ROI and LTV reporting that breaks down your campaign results by source, allowing you to make rapid and informed decisions about campaign optimization using the most relevant and up to date data.

Creatives that perform

Playable ads

Playable ads offer users a snippet of interactive gameplay. They’re opt-in, true to the spirit of the game, and give users an immersive and enjoyable ad experience.

Interactive video

Completely unique to ironSource, interactive rewarded video ads let users choose their own in-ad adventure. This interactive advertising strategy invites users to engage, and delight them with personalization.

Interactive endcard

Interactive endcards add an additional layer of engagement at the end of a regular 15-30 second video ad, giving users a feel for the app’s functionalities.

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The small percentage of app users who generate the majority of a developer's ad revenue.

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Lifetime value; the revenue a user generates throughout their lifetime within an app.

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