Mighty Games Shoots for the Sky with ironSource’s Mediation

Mighty Games’ Shooty Skies Doubles Revenue with Mediation Auto Optimization Mode

Shooty Skies from Mighty Games

The Challenge

Mighty Games, a rising star in the casual mobile game market, strikes gold with their colorful arcade game, Shooty Skies. Since the game’s profit relies heavily on ad based monetization, the independent studio sought to make the most out of each ad served during the game.


  • Guarantee 100% fill rate without compromising eCPMs

  • Boost overall revenue with auto optimization mode

  • Track ad value and performance

Shooty2 (1)
The Solution

Since its release, Shooty Skies has used ironSource’s Mediation platform to serve rewarded video ads to its active user base. The studio now wanted to evaluate the power of ironSource’s optimization algorithm in comparison to their own manual network ranking on the Mediation platform.

  • Accessed global ad inventory from over 13 external ad sources.

  • Prioritized top performing and most profitable ads for every impression through auto optimization

  • Understand  users’ behavior leveraging  ironSource’s in-depth reporting dashboard.

ironSource Mediation Reporting offers in-depth Unique User KPIs that provide valuable insights on how your users engage with ads, aggregating data from all external ad networks. Shooty Skies were able to make data-driven decisions with access to a full suite of comprehensive metrics.


*Numbers for illustration purposes only

The Results

“As Shooty Skies’ monetization loop depends so heavily on ad revenue, we couldn’t be happier with ironSource as a monetization partner. The fill rates are always high and the ad delivery is exceptional. The ironSource team responds to our needs and have been so helpful every step of the way. Needless to say, we plan on integrating ironSource into our new titles as well.”

lovoo-imgBen Britten,
Technical Director at Mighty Games.

remained the same, while..




Soared by 55%


Grew by 57%


Increased by 66%

After testing the optimization algorithm, Shooty Skies found that the optimization mode enhanced their revenue opportunities significantly, as the value of each impression shown on the app was maximized. The granular data on the reporting dashboard closely mapped the sharp increments across major metrics.

Manual Waterfall vs. Auto Optimization

Total Revenue on Shooty Skies iOS in Tested Geos


Average Revenue Per Daily Active User and Daily Engaged User Shooty Skies
iOS in Tested Geos


Impressions Per Daily Engaged Users Shooty Skies
iOS in Tested Geos

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 3.28.04 PM

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