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Monetize your app’s non-paying users with offerwall ads, which reward users for taking specific actions. Offerwalls are an excellent app monetization strategy that increases revenue, engagement, and retention, without disrupting user experience.

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What is offerwall and how does the offerwall work?

The offerwall is an in-app advertising unit that app developers use to monetize their apps. It acts like a mini-store in an app, listing multiple “offers” that users can complete in exchange for receiving an in-app reward. For example, users can receive extra in-app coins if they choose to watch a video, play a mini-game, complete a survey, install an app, get to level 5 on a game, and more on the offerwall.

The mobile offerwall is completely user initiated, meaning that users choose whether or not they want to engage with the offerwall. Either, users tap on a button that’s always in the menu of your app to access the offerwall, or users are prompted when they are low on coins or other points in the game loop to engage with the offerwall.

The offerwall is a great mobile monetization strategy for any micro-payment freemium app. They work particularly well for mobile games, communication and texting apps, and social apps like dating. Data shows that 15% of the top 100 grossing apps monetize with the offerwall, and 25% of the top 100 grossing games do.


The benefits of offerwall advertising

Boost ad revenue

Offerwalls can significantly increase your app revenue. They deliver extremely high eCPMs for app developers. The average offerwall eCPM for Android is $30 to $80, and the average offerwall eCPM for iOS is $50 to $120. They’re high because only top performing offers are presented, meaning you always get the most money possible.

Increase retention

Offerwalls keep users playing your game for longer, ultimately increasing user retention. Instead of quitting once they’re out of coins, users can access the offerwall to get the premium content they need to continue playing.

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Improve user experience

The offerwall is completely opt-in, meaning users choose whether or not they want to engage with it. Because they’re user-initiated, offerwalls don’t disrupt the app flow or the user experience. In fact, they can improve the user experience because they give users access to premium content without needing to pay.

Get more in-app purchases

Offerwalls help boost in-app purchases. Users get a taste of the premium features they’re missing out on, and after a while end up deciding to pay for the in-app purchase upfront.

How top developers are monetizing with the ironSource offerwall network



“The ironSource offerwall has proven its value in Little Alchemist and a number of other Kongregate games. We drove 4.5x more IAPs from non-paying users and 19% more IAPs from paying users.”

Jeff Gurian
Sr. Marketing Manager

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“The ironSource offerwall increased our ARPDAU while enhancing the app’s user experience. We achieved $80 eCPMs, 12% engagement rate, and saw 10% of offerwall users become paying users.”

Tobias Borner
CMO and Co-Founder



“The ironSource offerwall gives an additional revenue stream for DH Texas Poker that delivers the highest eCPMs, without ever sacrificing the user’s gaming experience.”

Li Yan

Offerwall custom integration for iOS and Android

Offerwall for Android

Follow the instructions here to integrate offerwall Android into your app.

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Offerwall for iOS

Follow the instructions here to integrate offerwall iOS into your app.

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