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Monetize your app with mobile app advertising. Select from a wide range of mobile ad units, which encourage users to engage and build positive user experiences, and incorporate them into your app to drive maximum app ad revenue. ironSource’s mobile advertising platform helps app developers boost revenue while maintaining positive user experiences.

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What is mobile app advertising?

Mobile app advertising is a popular monetization strategy and revenue model for app developers, in which app developers get paid to serve ads on their app.

The mobile app ads are served through a mobile app advertising network, which connects advertisers and developers. The app requests an ad from the network, and the network uses algorithms to identify and deliver the highest paying ad to the user in real time.

There are many different types of mobile ad formats app developers can integrate into their app in order to drive app advertising revenue, including video ad units, mobile app display ads, and native mobile app ads.

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What are the benefits of mobile app ads?

Generate more mobile app advertising revenue

Mobile app advertising works as an additional revenue stream for your app, and can significantly increase your app revenue. eCPMs can be as high as a $50-$100 for some ad units.

Increase in-app purchases

Drive in-app purchases with ad units that work as part of your in-app economy. Users who engage with rewarded ads, for example, are up to 6x more likely to make an in-app purchase.

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Improve user experience

Seamlessly integrate mobile app ads into your game loop to create a positive experience for your users. For example, offer users rewards in exchange for watching or interacting with ads at specific points in the app lifecycle.

Boost user engagement and retention

Ads that are tailored to your game, and integrated in the right places with the right capping and pacing, can improve user retention, in-app engagement, and lifetime value.

Types of mobile app advertising

Mobile app advertising examples: How top developers are monetizing with ironSource



“Users were very happy with the rewarded videos from ironSource. We did a test where we took them out, but actually got a lot of negative reviews.”

Chris Calderon
VP of Marketing and Revenue,

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Big Fish

“After implementing rewarded video with ironSource, we saw no interruption in user experience and a double digit increase in revenue.”

Jon Grande
Senior Director of Product Management,
Big Fish Games


Mighty Games

“As Shooty Skies’ monetization loop depends heavily on rewarded videos, we couldn’t be happier with ironSource as a monetization partner.”

Ben Britten
Technical Director,
Mighty Games

Custom integration for Android and iOS mobile app advertising

Android app ads

Follow the instructions here to integrate ads in your Android app, and boost your Android app ad revenue.

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iOS app ads

Follow the instructions here to integrate ads in your iOS app, and boost your iOS app ad revenue.

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