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How an indie developer reached #1 with nothing but bootstraps
Herdjie ZhouLucky Kat Studios
Herdjie Zhou co-founder and CEO of Lucky Kat Studios speaks about the process of building his own gaming studio, and how…
How root cause analysis optimizes game design
Joseph KimGame Makers
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How to make hyper-casual games, part 4: Checking in
Vincent Hart de KeatingHoma Games
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Transitioning to an in-app bidding world
Sofia GilyazovaSocial Point
Sofia Gilyazova, Ad Monetization Manager at Social Point talks everything about in-app bidding from challenges and drawb…
How to secure an IP for your mobile game
Brian SappJam City
Brian Sapp, Vice President, User Acquisition Marketing at Jam City discusses how to conquer IPs in games. Read on for…
The evolution of casual puzzle games
Christophe CarveniusTactile Games
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How to monetize and advertise word games
Andrew StoneRandom Logic Games
Andrew Stone, President at Random Logic Games gives the lowdown on word games including best practices for monetization,…
The future of programmatic mediation
Pieter KooymanMiniclip
Pieter Kooyman, Chief Advertising Officer at Miniclip, sets the record straight on ‘programmatic mediation’. He def…