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The evolution of casual puzzle games
Christophe Carvenius
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How to monetize and advertise word games
Andrew Stone
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The future of programmatic mediation
Pieter Kooyman
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How to make hyper-casual games, part 3: Marketing
Ryan Davies
In our final chapter of LevelUp’s hyper-casual series, Ryan Davies, Digital Marketing Manager at Kwalee, shares his th…
How to make hyper-casual games, part 2: Trends
Tom Kinniburgh
Tom Kinniburgh, a mobile consultant for game studios, who also runs the popular blog Mobile Free to Play, talks about th…
How to make hyper-casual games, part 1: Designing
Paul Woodbridge
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The next generation of interactive mobile ads
Dan Greenberg
Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at ironSource, gives us the lowdown on what goes into designing hit playable ads, di…
Cracking user acquisition strategies for IAP and ad-driven titles
Tatyana Bogatyreva
Tatyana Bogatyreva, Head of User Acquisition at Gram Games, discusses the differences between UA in ad-driven games and …