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Investor perspective: Gaming and gametech | Hiro Capital, Barclays
Spike Laurie & Mario LuHiro Capital, Barclays
Melissa Zeloof is joined by Spike Laurie, Venture Director at Hiro Capital, and Mario Lu, VP at Barclays and Lead Analys…
What I wish I knew when: Pitching to investors
Antti HattaraStarBerry Games
This is the second episode in our series for indie developers called, “what I wish I knew when.” Host Melissa Zeloof…
1.5M DAUs: How Avakin Life scaled by building a community & hosting virtual concerts
Oliver KernLockwood Publishing
Oliver Kern, Chief Commercial Officer at Lockwood Publishing, who are behind the hit mobile game Avakin Life, joins Meli…
Journalist perspective: Gaming and gametech | CNN Business,
Shannon Liao, Ric CowleyCNN Business,
Melissa Zeloof is joined by Ric Cowley, Editor of, and Shannon Liao, reporter at CNN Business, to discus…
Unearthing the next generation of gaming unicorns
Eitan ReiselVGames
Eitan Reisel, former lead in Google’s gaming division and founder of VGames, an investment firm focused specifically o…
What I wish I knew when: Choosing a publisher
Gabriel CoriiuSeenax
This is the first episode in our new series for indie developers called, “what I wish I knew when.” Host Melissa Zel…
How gametech is fueling the industry's growth
Peter Warman & Tyler LongNewzoo
In June 2020, leading games research company Newzoo released a fascinating breakdown of what they term the gametech ecos…
How to make high impact ad creatives
Noa EcksteinironSource
This is the third episode of our series on ad creative optimization. Check out the previous episodes here and here. This…