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Case Study
How Moonee’s Square Bird reached #1 with the ironSource Growth Loop
Moonee, Square Bird
About Hyper-casual publisher Moonee was looking to grow their user base for Square Bird quickly and cost-effectively, m…
Case Study
Social Point drastically increases ARPDAU with ironSource 4x offerwall promotion
Social Point, Dragon City
About Social Point is a mobile gaming company based in Barcelona that develops action, social and strategy games. Th…
Case Study
Random Logic switches to ironSource mediation to access the platform's full product suite
Random Logic, Infinite Word Search
About Random Logic Games is a mobile games studio founded in Birmingham, Alabama. Their portfolio includes chart-toppi…
Case Study
LBC Studios boosts total ARPDAU 30% with ironSource offerwall
LBC Studios, Hempire
About LBC Studios is an independent game studio located in Vancouver, Canada.  They’re the indie developer and pu…
Case Study
How Dual Cat leveraged the Growth Loop to multiply revenue 10x
Dual Cat, Kitten Up
French games publisher Dual Cat saw the explosive growth of the hyper-casual genre and wanted a piece of the pie. With f…
Case Study
Lucky Kat increases ARPDAU by 50% with ironSource ad monetization A/B testing tool
Lucky Kat, Nom Plant
About Founded by two brothers, Lucky Kat Studios is a gaming studio based in the Netherlands. Their portfolio inclu…
Case Study
How optimizing ROAS goals led Japanese publisher ITI to the top 10
ITI, Golf Nest
About ITI is a game publisher based in Japan. Their portfolio includes 1000+ mobile games, 100 of which made it to t…
Case Study
Madbox achieves "mad growth" monetizing with ironSource interstitials
Madbox, Stickman Hook
About Madbox is a game developer based in Paris, France. Their portfolio includes Stickman Hook, Dash Valley, Marbl…