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Case Study
Ilyon drives 136% more installs and increases IPM 25% with Playworks
Ilyon, Bubbles Empire Champion
Ilyon is an Israeli based game company founded in 2013 that develops casual mobile games. Their game portfolio - with Bu…
Case Study
Yso Corp becomes the #1 puzzle game with ironSource playable ad
Yso Corp, Stretch Guy
Yso Corp is a developer and publisher based in France with several games that reached the top 100 in the Google Play sto…
Case Study
White Room Games increases installs 198% and D30 retention 171% with the ROAS optimizer
White Room Games, Crash Delivery
White Room Games is a developer and publisher of hyper-casual and idle games. They turned to ironSource’s ROAS optimiz…
Case Study
Amanotes boosts ARPDAU 22% with ironSource’s cross promotion bidder
Amanotes, Magic Tiles 3
Amanotes is a popular app publisher based in Vietnam with a portfolio of hit musical games including Magic Tiles 3, Tile…
Case Study
How PikPok increased ARPDAU 14% with LevelPlay in-app bidding and Facebook Audience Network
PikPok, Rival Stars Horse Racing
PikPok is a successful New Zealand based publisher that’s released over 50 games across mobile, PC, and console - havi…
Case Study
Ludia migrates to ironSource mediation and doubles revenue with LevelPlay in-app bidding
Ludia, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends
Ludia was founded in Montreal 12 years ago and is one of Canada's leading mobile game companies. Their portfolio include…
Case Study
Unico reaches #1 in US with ironSource's full product suite
Unico Studio, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Unico Studio is a mobile games company based in Palo Alto, California. Hear from Unico’s UA and Monetization Manager, …
Case Study
ironSource quickly becomes top ad network for music streaming app Audiomack
Audiomack, Audiomack
Dave Edwards, VP of Revenue at Audiomack - a popular music app publisher - discusses their experience monetizing with th…