ironSource Success-stories

Coin Dozer

Game Circus
Learn how rich, interactive 4D gameplay ads helped Coin Dozer connect to high-quality new users


Learn how multiple Rewarded Video placements helped Fiveamp boost user engagement and grow revenue by triple digits.


Droidhang Games
How granular optimization strategies helped leading mobile game developers Droidhang Games supercharge their UA campaign performance.

Gardenscapes Playrix

Discover how Playrix enhanced their app's Gardenscapes' user base with quality installs leveraging ironSource engagement campaigns.

DH Texas Poker

Droidhen, a leading mobile development studio, was looking to maximize revenue and boost user engagement from their social gambling game, DH Texas Poker. The casino game operates with a single in-app currency that could be leveraged to generate significant revenue through rewarded ads.

Little Alchemist

Chinzilla and Kongregate
Chinzilla, an independent game studio, created the addictive game Little Alchemist and published the app with leading mobile game publisher and web gaming portal, Kongregate. The duo were interested in a monetization solution that would boost its app revenue and enhance the user’s gaming experience.

Mighty Games

Shooty Skies
Mighty Games, a rising star in the casual mobile game market, strikes gold with their colorful arcade game, Shooty Skies. Since the game’s profit relies heavily on ad based monetization, the independent studio sought to make the most out of each ad served during the game.

Monarc Gaming Labs

Golden Sand Slots
Monarc Gaming Labs’ Golden Sand Slots is a leading social casino game with over 1 million downloads. With an extremely active user base, the game studio sought to explore new revenue opportunities that would also enhance user engagement.


Lords & Knights
Xyrality needed a way to supercharge the impact of their offerwall (OW) and maximise ad revenue. They needed two things in order to succeed.

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