Merging monetization and UA: 3 steps to accelerate growth

What's in the webinar?

The importance and profit generating potential of merging your monetization and user acquisition teams

Best practices for merging monetization and marketing teams

How to take action based on data

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About the speakers

Yevgeny Perez

VP Growth, ironSource

Yevgeny Peres is the VP Growth at ironSource. Before ironSource, Yevgeny joined Supersonic in 2012 as the Director of Mobile Operations, tasked with kick-starting the company's mobile product development and operations. In 2016, following the merger with ironSource, Yevgeny began overseeing all mobile product strategy.

Liz Lauer-Lopez

Director of Customer Success, Singular

Liz Lauer-Lopez is Singular's Director of Customer Success and has worked with the likes of Rovio, Com2Us, and Netmarble to ensure they are setup optimally to leverage Singular’s platform to drive growth.