PickCrafter Discovers Engagement Gold Mine with Ad Placements

Fiveamp Grows User Engagement and Revenue with Multiple Rewarded Video Placements

 PickCrafter from Fiveamp 

The Challenge

PickCrafter, an addictive game developed by mobile studio Fiveamp, has gained worldwide popularity with over 5 million downloads.

The gaming app used one fixed placement for Rewarded Video before deciding to scale up their ad revenue. Preserving the game’s user experience was top priority so Fiveamp was in need of a monetization partner with a data-driven, strategic mindset to advise on optimal ad implementation.


  • Expand monetization opportunities within gameplay

  • Maximize ad engagement through ads that deliver a positive, non-disruptive experience for users

  • Drive competitive eCPMs and significantly grow ad revenue

The Solution

Fiveamp brought on ironSource as its main monetization partner and together, the team pinpointed monetization opportunities that could be leveraged to increase revenue while also enhancing the gameplay within PickCrafter. With Easter approaching, it was the ideal setting to add a seasonal placement to test the waters. The goals of the campaign were to:

  • Implement an additional Rewarded Video placement with seasonal creatives

  • Enhance ad appeal and visibility, and reinforce positive ad interaction by offering players the choice between one reward or watching an ad in exchange for three rewards

  •  Monitor the impressions, eCPM and revenue of the supplementary ad placement on the ironSource Reports Dashboard


Location, Location, Location!

Ad placements on the ironSource platform offer an easy way to enhance the user’s experience with ads in your app while also creating an additional revenue stream.

ironSource supports placements for its entire suite of ad units, including Rewarded Video and Offerwall. The platform boasts an easy placement setup including reward customization and performance data on every ad placement, all without any changes to the app’s code.

The Results
PickCrafter experienced significant growth in engagement rate and revenue while the game’s number of daily active users remained the same. The additional placement simply capitalized on the existing user base, and nearly doubled the app’s engagement rate!

Data-Driven Success

Fiveamp was able to drive a double-digit surge in revenue and ad engagement with its Easter Rewarded Video placement:


Daily Engaged Users

X 2.5



Increase in Revenue


Jump in Engagement Rate

Revenue Growth Following the Implementation of an Additional Ad Placement

“ironSource offered a fast and seamless placement implementation within PickCrafter and the addition of Rewarded Video placements yielded significant engagement and revenue growth. From ad execution to reporting, ironSource has been a true and steady monetization partner in every sense.”

Chris Lewis, Co-Founder, Fiveamp


Fiveamp is an independent game development company based in San Francisco. Founded in 2014, Fiveamp has since launched and grown their game PickCrafter to become a successful mobile title with over 5 million downloads and a vibrant community playing everyday.

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