Monarc Gaming Labs Boosts Revenue with ironSource Rewarded Video

Golden Sand Slots Hits the Jackpot with Competitive Ads

Golden Sand Slots from Monarc Gaming Labs

The Challenge

Monarc Gaming Labs’ Golden Sand Slots is a leading social casino game with over 1 million downloads. With an extremely active user base, the game studio sought to explore new revenue opportunities that would also enhance user engagement.

Monarc’s Goals:

  • Maximize eCPM and ARPDAU by enhancing the value of each impression

  • Serve cost effective and relevant ads

  • Reward users with in-app currency to encourage continuous engagement

The Solution
Social casino games are a driving force in the mobile industry, estimated at over $3.4 billion. Most of this worth can be attributed to the competitive nature of the genre. To effectively target users in this niche, social casino games readily invest substantial sums to advertise their games in complementary apps.
  • Leverage the high CPIs of the category by serving competitive ads

  • Utilize ironSource’s Mediation platform to serve the best performing Rewarded Video ads

  • Optimize reward amount to enhance user engagement per session and loyalty over time


“In the case of competitive ads and their perceived negative effect on retention, popular belief could not have been more false. Following the advice of ironSource and and our Account Manager’s knowledge of historical monetization performance, we found that social casino ads dramatically increased our ad revenues, without affecting retention in the slightest.”

lovoo-imgAdam Glass
Director of Marketing, Monarc Gaming Labs.

The Results

Together with ironSource, Golden Sand Slots proved it could capitalize on the high marketing value associated with its genre with no impact on the retention of users in the app. To do this, the game served Rewarded Video ads, a lucrative ad unit that awards users with valuable in-app currency.

While Golden Sand Slots made most of their revenue from competitive ads, their users remained loyal to the game.


  • Over the span of 4 months, competitive ads accounted for 92% of Golden Sand Slots’ revenue.

  • Social gambling ad eCPMs proved 6 times higher than their non-competitive counterpart.

  • The game’s user base remained loyal, with industry-leading retention rates.

Source of Revenue on Golden Sand Slots over 4 Months
// iOS and Android

Slots1 (2)

Noteworthy Retention Rates
with Competitive Ads:


Day 2


Day 7


Day 30

Average of eCPM over 4 Months on Golden Sand Slots
// iOS and Android

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