Gardenscapes Grows Engaged User Base with the Offerwall

Playrix Increases Quality Installs by 1500% with ironSource CPE Campaigns

Gardenscapes from Playrix

The Challenge

Gardenscapes is a popular casual game by mobile development company, Playrix.  Following its release in August 2016, the gaming app was named Facebook’s Game of the Year and has been gaining ground in the free-to-play sector ever since.

Playrix wanted to grow its user base with highly-targeted ad campaigns with the ability to steadily deliver high-value, engaged users for Gardenscapes. The company was in need of an acquisition partner who could offer long-term, cost-effective app promotion with scalable quality traffic and creative advertising models. Playrix were looking to:

  • Source new, engaged users with high LTV potential

  • Steadily expand their user base

  • Maximize campaign performance with advanced optimization tools

The Solution

To grow Gardenscapes’ user base with high-value, engaged users, ironSource suggested employing engagement – or CPE – campaigns on the ironSource Offerwall to promote the casual game on premium direct traffic, and on 40+ networks worldwide. The ironSource team optimized on a daily basis, recalibrating campaigns in order to maximize performance.

Key campaign elements involved:

  • Promoting Gardenscapes on the Offerwall to global users through several rewarded engagement campaigns

  • Defining different designated engagement touchpoints, including ‘finish tutorial’ and ‘reach level X’

  •  Performing repeated A/B tests to determine the right engagement event to optimize user retention and campaign performance

  • Distributing advertising spend effectively, based on performance and traffic source quality


What is an Engagement Campaign, anyway?

The Cost Per Engagement model is a type of advertising campaign that invites the user to install and complete an in-app action in exchange for a reward.

The “engagement” event is defined by the advertiser, who only pays once this quantifiable user engagement action is achieved. CPE campaigns tend to reach users with tremendous LTV potential – loyal gamers gravitate towards these offers as their rewards are usually higher, and users who complete the required engagement action often end up hooked into the new game.

The key to success with engagement campaigns is hitting the sweet spot – i.e. correctly setting the specified engagement action. Ideally, this action should be easy to achieve yet engaging enough to draw in users through their positive interaction with the app, so that they want to stick around long term.

The Results
To ensure industry-leading acquisition results, the ironSource team worked closely with Playrix, using granular targeting, as well as payout optimization for each traffic source, according to their respective value.

At the height of ironSource’s CPE campaigns, Gardenscapes welcomed 11K new users every day, with all of these gamers engaging with the app as part of collecting their reward. Engagement-focused acquisition campaigns saw 15X more installs than cost per install (CPI) campaigns.


Daily Acquired Users through CPE Campaigns


More Installs with CPE vs. CPI Campaigns

The below graph illustrates the results of a CPE and CPI campaign for Gardenscapes on a single Android app, with the CPE campaign scaling 8 times the amount of installs compared to its CPI counterpart, as well as acquiring users with significantly higher LTV in 9 out of 10 weeks.


“ironSource had already proved they were able to bring us large volumes of users in the past. Their CPE campaigns and constant optimization now also ensured we acquired high-quality users who stuck around in our games.

It’s critically important to work with a partner who understands our larger business goals, and can work creatively to help us fulfill them. ironSource is exactly that kind of partner.”


lovoo-imgAlexander Tarasov,
Director of Marketing, Playrix

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