CoinDozer Wins With 4D Interactive Ads

Game Circus Increases Their User Base After Running Highly Engaging, Innovative Ad Campaigns

  Coin Dozer from Game Circus 

The Challenge

Coin Dozer is a casual game developed by Game Circus.

Game Circus, based in Texas, is also behind the successful title Taps to Riches. Since first releasing Coin Dozer, the game has been downloaded over 100M times.

Game Circus wanted to create highly-engaging ad campaigns to achieve high growth. They wanted the ads to engage users by showing off Coin Dozer’s most popular features, such as the innovative game physics and 3D elements.

Key goals:

  • Expand user base with new, high-LTV potential users

  • Run innovative ad creatives that reflect the experience of the original game

The Solution

ironSource’s Playworks Studio created original, 4D Gameplay creatives for Game Circus entirely in-house.


What exactly is a 4D Gameplay Ad?

A 4D Gameplay Ad brings users right into the action. Based on video content, the ad unit weaves in interactive layers which users can engage with, enabling advertisers to demonstrate key parts of their gameplay while also showing users an accurate representation of the in-app experience.

The custom made creatives harness the full expertise of the Playworks Studio – from animators to programmers, data scientists to video editors – to ensure creatives are optimized.

  • Innovation

    The Playworks Studio team added a layer of interactivity on top of a video of real gameplay. The interactive layer brought the unique 3D elements of the game to life inside a short 30 second ad, and enabled users to interact with them.

  • Collaboration

    During production, Playworks Studio and Coin Dozer worked closely together to create an ad which communicated the look and feel of the game in a short time window.

  • Creative Optimization

    The ironSource team extensively A/B tested various creatives to ensure that the campaign was running at maximum competitiveness on the ironSource network.

The Results
The creatives doubled the impression-to-install ratio in key tier 1 markets (compared to the best-performing video ad).

Data-Driven Success

By the second iteration, the impression-to-install ratio increased by an additional 30%. ironSource optimized the ad using in-ad user flow analysis and by incorporating the Coin Dozer’s best practices.


Impression-to-install ratio


Improvement in impression-to-install ratio in 2nd creative version

Video vs 4D Gameplay Ad Performance

Graph of A/B tests showing improvement in creative performance

4D Gameplay Ad Performance Over Time

“The bespoke 4D Gameplay ads that ironSource’s Playworks Studio created for us enabled us both to demonstrate the key elements of the game to users, and to achieve sustainable, significant growth during our UA campaign. It was crucial to work with a partner who understood our UA goals, and who had the capabilities to not only generate innovative creatives, but then to iterate and optimize those ads for us.”

Marcus Lee, Director of User Acquisition, Game Circus

Game Circus was founded in 2010 in Dallas, Texas. Their first hit has had over 100M downloads to date. The growing company continues to develop casual games for both iOS and Android platforms.


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