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Finally, app developers can automatically optimize campaigns to reach ROAS goals while utilizing user-level ad revenue data in addition to in-app purchases.
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What is the ROAS Optimizer?

The ironSource ROAS optimizer is the first tool on the market that utilizes both in-app purchase (IAP) and user-level ad revenue (UAR) data to optimize campaigns according to ROAS goals.

There are three main issues preventing UA managers from executing efficient strategies. First is their limited capacity to update and optimize bids manually on a large scale. Second is the complexity in finding an efficient methodology to optimize towards true ROAS. Third is the lack of accurate user-level ad revenue data, which would provide them with complete ARPU data to better understand the true value of their users.

The ROAS optimizer solves these painful challenges. Knowing both the in-app revenue and the ad revenue, the ROAS optimizer algorithm works out the optimal bid and automatically updates thousands of bids a day, replacing the current inefficient methodology. The new tool can optimize towards one of three ROAS KPIs: IAP, UAR, and the combination of IAP and UAR.

The benefits of the ROAS optimizer

Buy users at the right price

Bid granularly on various levels including country, genre, publisher, and source, to maximize results.

React quickly

Adjust bids early with data we gather immediately following changes on your supply, such as app launches, first position deals, holidays, etc.

Ignore outliers

Our algorithm removes outlier whales, so you don’t overbid.

Constant auto-adjustments

Daily automated bid adjustments save you hours of manual work.

Optimize new supply

Our algorithm knows not to overbid on a low-performing new app or underbid on a high-performing one.

Predictive analysis

Our algorithm predicts supply quality based on industry benchmarks and subcategory behavioral trends.


Monitor your performance and bids with our revamped user acquisition platform.

Stay up to date

We prioritize recent data to keep your calculations as accurate as possible.

Case study

Kwalee increases ROAS by 40%

“ ironSource’s tool finally gave us ROAS data per source, meaning we could bid on actual user quality. Not only did the ROAS optimizer meet our changing targets rapidly, but it also helped us achieve similar CPIs with much better ROAS results – a UA manager’s dream. ”

Ryan Davies, Digital Marketing Manager at Kwalee

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