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Mobile Onboarding: How to Improve Your App Flow

We all know first impressions make quite an impact. No matter how great or unique the overall experience of your app might be, users want to be able to understand it immediately upon install.

If they find that difficult, you’ve lost them before you even have the chance to lure them in with the full force of what your app can do. With this in mind, developers should aim for a simple, intuitive onboarding experience.

Effective onboarding techniques with simple and clear tutorials are absolutely inherent to your mobile app’s success. In fact, a recent study by ITR revealed that 26.8% of users cite “poor instructions” or “confusion” as the main reason for uninstalling an app from their mobile phone.

The set-up process is effectively the first impression your app makes on a new user, and you want to ensure you make a good one.

Download this guide to learn how you can create a seamless onboarding experience for your app.

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