Impress beyond impressions

Our experience, your impact

Our team of designers, animators, video producers, and programmers tailor-make each high-impact interactive ad – completely in house. Our secret sauce is our ability to leverage our experience, expertise, and of course data, to fine tune each ad, making incremental changes which dramatically impact results.

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More than just
mobile video

Playable ads

Playable ads offer users a snippet of interactive gameplay. They’re opt-in, true to the spirit of the game, and give users an immersive and enjoyable ad experience.

Interactive video

Completely unique to ironSource, interactive rewarded video ads let users choose their own in-ad adventure. They invite users to engage, and delight them with personalization.

Interactive endcard

Interactive endcards add an additional layer of engagement at the end of a regular 15-30 second video ad, giving users a feel for the app’s functionalities.

in-ad data

Creative level reporting

Dive in to a new world of data with our unique in-ad data dashboard. Go beyond the impression and the click to get in-depth insight into how users are interacting with your ads, accessing metrics like Engagement Rate, drop off points, and install-to-win ratios to optimize every creative running.

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Playable Benchmarks
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