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45 Twitter Accounts Every Mobile App Developer Should Follow

You want to find information to help with your mobile app but don’t know where to look. You want to follow important people on Twitter, but you find yourself lost in the vortex of links, tweets, videos, GIFs, and a lot of useless information. Twitter can be a confusing place, so we decided to help you out.

We rounded up the 45 Twitter accounts that every mobile app developer needs to follow right now. We broke them up into categories and even added some of their best tweets to give you an idea of the things they are talking about.

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These are the top 45 we could find – see anyone we’ve missed? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @ironSource or email us at!


1. Jeff Atwood @codinghorror

2. Daniel Eggert @danielboedewadt

3. Bart van der Werf @bartwerf

4. Nick Craver @nick_craver

5. Andy Matuschak @andy_matuschak

6. John Carmack @id_aa_Carmack

7. Jason Kneen @jasonkneen

Game Developers

8. Markus Persson @notch

9. Sean Young @seanyoungsg

10. Tim Sweeney @timsweeneyepic

11. Derek Evers @thekidcandrive

12. Jason Tuyen @xanjos

13. Andy Sum @JigxorAndy

14. Edmund McMillen @edmundmcmillen

15. Rami Ismail @tha_rami

16. Daniel Albu @danielalbu

17. Terry Cavanagh @terrycavanagh

18. Tim of Legend @timoflegend

19. Dan Marshall @danthat

20. Daniel Kaplan @kappische

21. Stephen Lavelle @increpare

22. Ben Porter @eigenbom

23. Owen Jones @bopogamel

24. Tyler Glaiel @tylerglaiel

25. Tommy Refenes @tommyrefenes

Game Designers

26. Ron Gilbert @grumpygamer

27. Jonathan Blow @jonathan_blow

28. Tom Francis @pentadact

Android Developers

29. Reto Meier @retomeier

30. Cyril Mottier @cyrilmottier

31. Nick Butcher @crafty

32. Dion Almaer @dalmaer

iOS Developers

33. Brian Gilham @bgilham

34. Ray Wenderlich @rwenderlich

35. Krzysztof Zablocki @merowing_

36. Mike Hay @Hay

37. Ben Sandofsky @sandofsky

38. Orta Therox @orta

Mobile Marketers

39. Eric Seufert @eric_seufert

40. Moritz Daan @moritzdaan

41. Thomas Petit @thomasbcn


42. John Koetsier @johnkoetsier

43. Peggy Ann Salz @peggyanne

44. Dean Takahashi @deantak

45. Brad Glasgow @brad_glasgow

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