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Increase mobile app revenue with the ironSource SDK

Integrate the ironSource mobile advertising SDK for Android and iOS apps to rapidly boost your revenues. Ensure you avoid performance or client health issues with a toolkit that’s optimized for monetization and empowers you to easily connect to the ironSource ad network. Leverage ironSource’s relationships with advertisers around the globe to increase your in-app revenues, and get full control to manage how and when ads are displayed in your application.

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What is a mobile SDK?

A mobile software development kit, or SDK, is a piece of code that lets mobile apps connect to third-party services and technologies. By integrating a mobile SDK, developers can access different tools like analytics or re-engagement, or connect to ad networks to run in-app ads.

Unlike APIs, which act more as bridges, SDKs allow for a richer set of technological capabilities by being more deeply embedded in an app, delivering a more expansive set of tools. These may include libraries, code samples, and guides that can help developers build better applications.

Integrating mobile applications with a mobile SDK like ironSource’s offers several notable benefits. Developers can connect their apps directly to ironSource’s leading ad network so they can leverage premium global advertiser demand for their in-app inventory. Developers can also access use the SDK to ironSource’s mediation platform, which empowers them to manage demand from multiple different ad networks at once.

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Mobile ads SDK – SDK advertising and monetization

Mobile advertising SDKs are a vital component of successfully monetizing mobile apps. Instead of creating complex systems to build and deploy ads in-app, SDKs include tools that allow for more seamless integration. Connecting apps directly to ad networks facilitates monetization for both developers and publishers.

Mobile app SDK tools empower developers to deploy various ad units to determine which are best suited to their users, depending on performance and user feedback. This includes high-impact ad units such as rewarded videos, interstitial ads, native video ads, and offerwalls videos.

SDKs enable developers to easily plan and implement ads within their apps by determining:

  • Ad frequency
  • Best placement in-app
  • Timing

What are the benefits of a mobile advertising SDK?

For developers, mobile ad SDK tools present a highly effective and efficient way to integrate ad monetization into a mobile application. Because they live inside the app, mobile ad SDKs allow developers to seamlessly integrate high-quality ad units like rewarded video, interstitial video or interactive ads without having to worry about issues like caching.

Mobile ad SDKs can also provide critical information about ads on a more granular level. Developers can access user-specific data that allows them to better tailor their ad offerings. Developers can identify the best ad type for certain apps to ensure the highest revenues and CPM rates.

The ironSource SDK

With ironSource’s mobile SDK, developers and publishers alike can optimize their monetization efforts to quickly improve revenues. Developers can easily include ads in their apps without affecting user experience, and leverage new revenue streams which improve retention and IAPs (in-app purchases) through rewarded ad models which act as an integral part of an in-app economy.

ironSource’s comprehensive monetization platform not only mediates banner ads, interstitial ads, and premium in-app video ads, but also offers programmatic mediation across sophisticated interactive creatives like playable mobile ads, and interactive ads. These exciting and creative innovations in mobile advertising not only drive high eCPMs for developers, they are also becoming increasingly popular with advertisers. Programmatic mediation is going to play an increasingly critical role in the app monetization landscape. ironSource gives developers the technology with the greatest number of options for maximizing the value and accessibility of in-app traffic and managing their monetization effectively.

Some of the key advantages ironSource mobile SDK makes available include:

  • Easy access to the top-rated ad networks to find the best partners for monetization efforts
  • An impressive array of tools that optimize monetization, user experience, and user acquisition
  • A reduction in network SDK bloat thanks to a single integration that centralizes ad mediation
  • Improved user acquisition with access to premium supply across the top grossing apps
  • Better understanding of existing users with real-time user level reporting

How developers use ironSource’s mobile ads SDK



“Users were very happy with the rewarded videos from ironSource. We did a test where we took them out, but actually got a lot of negative reviews.”

Chris Calderon
VP of Marketing and Revenue,

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Big Fish

“After implementing rewarded video with ironSource, we saw no interruption in user experience and a double digit increase in revenue.”

Jon Grande
Senior Director of Product Management,
Big Fish Games


Mighty Games

“As Shooty Skies’ monetization loop depends heavily on rewarded videos, we couldn’t be happier with ironSource as a monetization partner.”

Ben Britten
Technical Director,
Mighty Games

SDK for Android & iOS: How to integrate the ironSource SDK in your mobile app

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