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Case Study
Square Enix uses ironSource offerwall to increase ARPDAU 5x
Square Enix is a gaming company headquartered in Japan. Hiroki Fujimoto is the producer of WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FAN…
Case Study
Bombay Play boosts ARPDAU 20% with LevelPlay in-app bidding
Bombay Play, Card Party
Bombay Play is a Bangalore-based game studio with hits like Pokemon Tower Battle and 29. Abhas Saroha, co-founder at Bo…
48 brand advertising terms every game developer should know
Davis Silver
The reality is that the big ad revenue is with brands. In one case, brand ads took precedence over gaming ads and the br…
Case Study
East Side Games increases ARPDAU 60% with LevelPlay in-app bidding
East Side Games, Bud Farm
East Side Games is a mobile games company based in Vancouver, Canada. Below, their Monetization Manager David Cooke exp…
Case Study
LBC Studios boosts ARPDAU 24% with LevelPlay in-app bidding 
LBC Studios, Hempire
LBC Studios is an independent game studio located in Vancouver, Canada and the developers and publisher behind the mobil…
Case Study
Big Huge Games boosts DomiNations' ARPDAU 3x-5x with ironSource special offerwall promotions
Big Huge Games, DomiNations
Big Huge Games is a game company based in Maryland, and the developers behind DomiNations, a mobile MMO combat strategy …
Unearthing the next generation of gaming unicorns
Eitan ReiselVGames
Eitan Reisel, former lead in Google’s gaming division and founder of VGames, an investment firm focused specifically o…
How to optimize user flow conversion to level up your offerwall performance
Reuben Lewis
If we look at key areas of a UA manager’s ad playbook, for example video ad campaigns, a significant amount of effort …