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Matej Lancaric from BoomBit and SuperScale discusses successful UA
Matej Lancaric
When the App Store launched over 10 years ago, apps could make their way to the top of the charts off organic installs a…
Don’t choke on your creativity. Try these three things first
Elad Gabison
Elad Gabison is the Creative Lead of ironSource's Playworks Studio. TL:DR - We’re increasingly seeing the important…
How to make hyper-casual games, part 4: hyper-casual check-in
Vincent Hart de KeatingHoma Games
Vincent Hart de Keating, Managing Director at Homa Games gives us an update on the hyper-casual genre. Read on for ed…
Case Study
Madbox achieves "mad growth" monetizing with ironSource interstitials
Madbox, Stickman Hook
About Madbox is a game developer based in Paris, France. Their portfolio includes Stickman Hook, Dash Valley, Marbl…
Case Study
Homa Games boosts ROI using ARPU insights from ironSource cohort reports
Homa Games, Tiny Cars
About Homa Games is a hyper-casual publisher, which in 2019 formed out of BidMotion, a company that specializes in user…
What are live-ops and how can mobile game developers utilize them?
Lauren Luz
What are live-ops and how can mobile game developers utilize them? So you’ve developed an incredible game. You create…
Transitioning to an in-app bidding world
Sofia GilyazovaSocial Point
Sofia Gilyazova, Ad Monetization Manager at Social Point talks everything about in-app bidding from challenges and drawb…
How to secure an IP for your mobile game
Brian SappJam City
Brian Sapp, Vice President, User Acquisition Marketing at Jam City discusses how to conquer IPs in games. Read on for…