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How to conceptualize ad creatives by being a creative sponge
Elad GabisonironSource
This is the second episode of our podcast series on ad creative optimization. In the first episode, Dan Greenberg, Chief…
Case Study
How Jam City saves time and scales revenue with LevelPlay in-app bidding
Jam City, Panda Pop!
The adoption of in-app bidding is gradually picking up pace in the mobile gaming industry, as leading developers have st…
How to build a world-class creative team
Dan GreenbergironSource
Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at ironSource and founder of its in-house ad creative studio Playworks, discusses th…
Case Study
Big Fish launches EverMerge with ironSource playable and scales ARPU 21%
Big Fish Games, EverMerge
Big Fish is a mobile game developer and publisher headquartered in Seattle, WA, with a regional office in Oakland, Calif…
Top 51 mobile app and gaming statistics 2020
Davis Silver
The mobile gaming market in 2020 With 2020 well underway and COVID taking its toll, the mobile gaming industry has alre…
Case Study
How Unico Studio increased ARPDAU and reduced manual operations with LevelPlay in-app bidding
Unico Studio, Brain Test
Unico Studio is a mobile games company based in Palo Alto, California. Unico’s latest hyper-casual game Brain Test rea…
What is gametech? An overview of the ecosystem
Reuben Lewis
Just five years ago, gaming was a $91 billion-a year industry: fast forward to 2020, and it is set to generate an astoni…
Q&A with Qiiwi Games: Inside their IP, unified growth, and localization strategy
Marcus Dale Rundberg
ironSource sat down with our mediation partner Erik and Marcus Dale Rundberg, CEO and CTO at Qiiwi Games respectively, t…