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Case Study
Azur Games increases playable ad IPM by 60% with ironSource Playworks
Azur Games, Stack Ball 3D
About Founded in 2017 in Cyprus, Azur Games is an international mobile game developer and publisher with offices in Rus…
Best conferences for mobile app developers in 2020
Reuben Lewis
With 2020 off to an excellent start, we thought it would be great to give you a little heads-up at some of the developer…
Our guide to mobile game development
Lauren Luz
Our guide to mobile game development Creating a successful mobile game and turning it into a successful business is n…
Creating mobile content and games for Gen Z
Benoit VatereMammoth Media
Benoit Vatere, CEO and Founder at Mammoth Media, joins ironSource's Melissa Zeloof on LevelUp to talk everything Gen Z. …
The psychology of rewarded video and its impact on game metrics
Or Shahar ironSource
More and more game developers today are treating rewarded video ads just like any other feature within their game. This means segmenting players, A/B testing frequency of the ads, reward value, and more.
Case Study
Jam City doubles cross promotion installs with ironSource solution
Jam City, Panda Pop
About Founded in 2010, Jam City is one of the earliest entrants and leading players in mobile gaming. Currently operati…
3 top gaming studios found the ideal mix of ad units A/B testing with ironSource
Lauren Luz
Optimizing your monetization strategy is all about finding the right mix of system and user-initiated ads that balance b…
What the hell is in-app bidding anyway?
Nimrod ZutaironSource
Everyone’s talking about in-app bidding. But what exactly is it and what can it do for you?