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The Future of Interactive Mobile Ads

Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at ironSource

Designing Idle Games for Active Players

Nate Barker, Head of Business Development at Fluffy Fairy Games

Bridging East and West in Gaming

Warren Woodward, Director of UA at Nexon

The Monetization and Marketing Loop

Jeff Gurian, VP Monetization and Marketing at Kongregate

The Rise of Hyper Casual and Other 2018 Trends

Mishka Katkoff, Director of Product Management at Rovio & Founder of Deconstructor of Fun Blog

The Social Impact of Gaming

Carissa Gonzalez, User Acquisition Manager at Pixelberry

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Trends and Challenges in User Acquisition: Q&A with Playrix

Artur Grigorjan, Head of Growth Marketing at Playrix, tells app developers how they can ace user acquisition and find great users in the face of rising costs.

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The Secret to Creative Optimization: Q&A with Kongregate

Linh Tijan, Senior Marketing Manager at Kongregate, shares tips and tricks for nailing creative optimization, no matter the budget or size.

Best Practices for Soft Launching Your Game: Guest Post by Nexon

Warren Woodward, Director of UA at Nexon M, lists best practices for soft launching mobile games, and what it takes to get apps ready for a worldwide launch.

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