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How to conceptualize ad creatives by being a creative sponge
Elad GabisonironSource
This is the second episode of our podcast series on ad creative optimization. In the first episode, Dan Greenberg, Chief…
How to build a world-class creative team
Dan GreenbergironSource
Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at ironSource and founder of its in-house ad creative studio Playworks, discusses th…
Case Study
Unico Studio, LevelPlay 인앱 비딩을 활용하여 수동 작업 감소 및 ARPDAU 향상
Unico Studio, Brain Test
Unico Studio는 미국 캘리포니아 팔로알토에 있는 모바일 게임 기업입니다. Unico가 최근 출시…
Gaming in Sub-Sarahan Africa: 3 strong languages and the fastest-growing youth population
Douglas Ogeto, LudiqueWorksTom Wijman, Newzoo
This is the fifth episode in our Emerging Markets mini-series, co-hosted with Tom Wijman, Senior Games Market Analyst at…
The ultimate ad monetization strategy for IAP heavy games
Sandra Schneider, ironSourceand Lior Porat, Playtika
Learn how to balance IAPs and ad monetization from Playtika, one of the most successful IAP game developers in the world.
아이언소스 레벨플레이 'Facebook Audience Network' 인앱 비딩 서비스 확대 소식
Jasmine Cohen
아이언소스 인앱 비딩 솔루션인 레벨플레이(LevelPlay)에 페이스북 오디언스 네트워크(Facebook…
Case Study 그룹, 아이언소스의 광고 수익 측정 도구로 ROI 대폭 증가
Mail.Ru Group, Left to Survive
About 그룹은 모바일, PC, 콘솔용으로 개발하고 출시하는 게임에 아이언소스 미디에이…
Breaking down the Growth Loop, Step 3: Optimizing monetization and maximizing LTV
Yevgeny PeresironSource
In the fourth episode of our Growth Loop mini-series, Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth at ironSource, breaks down step 3 of the …