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How to identify and evaluate new game projects
Conrad McGee-StocksUken Games
Conrad McGee-Stocks, Director of Growth at Uken Games, joins Melissa Zeloof from ironSource and Joe Kim from GameMakers.…
How game product and UA teams can work better together
Nebo Radovic, N3twork & Jon Lau, Smule
Nebojsa Radovic, Director of Performance Marketing at N3twork, and Jon Lau, Director of User Acquisition at Smule, join …
9 most common mistakes made by game developers
Jasmine Cohen
Learn what not to do when growing your game
Why game growth is a loop and not a funnel
Yevgeny PeresironSource
Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth at ironSource, explains why game developers just look at growth as a funnel and not a loop, how…
How to A/B test your ad monetization strategy
Katie GoldironSource
Learn the most impactful ad monetization A/B tests, best practices, and how to conduct them.
BoomBit와 SuperScale의 Matej Lancaric, 성공적인 UA를 얘기하다
Yun Yu Tan
10년전 앱 스토어가 처음 시행되었을 때, 앱들은 여전히 오가닉 설치 하나만으로 탑 차트에…
Case Study
아이언소스의 인터스티셜 광고로 “Mad한 성장”을 달성한 Madbox
Madbox, Stickman Hook
회사소개 매드박스(Madbox)는 프랑스 파리에 본사를 둔 게임 개발업체다. 매드박스의 대…
How to hack creative optimization
Noa EcksteinironSource
Make the most out of your user acquisition strategy by optimizing the performance of your creatives.