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당신이 게임페스트에 대해 알아야 하는 모든것들
Yun Yu Tan
게임 페스트(Gamefest)에 대하여 11월 5일, 6일, 7일 게임 페스트(Gamefest)는 ironSource가 주최…
Game analysis and building the right data infrastructure for free-to-play games
Andrew Waag and Victor WangNBC Universal
Andrew Waag, Manager of Data Analytics at NBC Universal and Victor Wang, Senior Product Manager Mobile Games at NBC Univ…
Analyzing gamer behavior, psychology, and motivations
Nick YeeQuantic Foundry
Nick Yee, Co-Founder at Quantic Foundry, explains how the gaming industry is beginning to standardize user behavior anal…
아이언소스의 크로스 프로모션 툴이 시장에서 눈에 띄는 이유
Lauren Luz
오늘날 포화상태인 시장에서 앱 개발사들 사이에 유저들에 대한 경쟁은 매우 치열합니다. …
How to monetize tightwads, spendthrifts, and the unconflicted
Paula NevesSquare Enix
Paula Neves, Product Manager at Square Enix, breaks down the principles behind behavioral economics and how they can be …
How to cross promote your mobile games
Nadav AshkenazyironSource
Learn best practices for cross promotion and how to effectively utilize this solution to grow your game.
Creating a culture code for winning game teams
Sophie VoVoodoo
Sophie Vo, Game Lead at Voodoo, joins Melissa Zeloof from ironSource and Joe Kim from GameMakers on LevelUp: Game Produc…
How to identify and evaluate new game projects
Conrad McGee-StocksUken Games
Conrad McGee-Stocks, Director of Growth at Uken Games, joins Melissa Zeloof from ironSource and Joe Kim from GameMakers.…