The Beating Heart of Innovation

ironLabs is the beating heart of ironSource innovation. Staying true to our startup legacy,  we’re committed to investing in building disruptive products that don’t necessarily connect to our core business. Our value is creating enabling solutions that allow other companies to achieve greater business success, and that’s the driving force that pushes ironLabs to continue innovating at a high level.

Staying hungry

ironLabs gives ironSource the competitive edge of a startup, even as we grow into a larger, global company. Giving us the license to take chances and create products outside of the scope of our core activities, ironLabs ensures our size will never stop us from staying on the edge of innovation.

Our guiding principle

We developed our original platform to alleviate the pain points we encountered as developers ourselves, and ironLabs makes sure we stay true to that approach. By building, designing and nurturing new products, we stay close to the problems faced by all our clients. 

The Aura Story
“There is no better proof of concept than tangible success. Aura began as a project in ironLabs and has since developed into one of our flagship products. Achievements like Aura are concrete proof that we consistently lay the groundwork for industry-shaking innovation.”
Tomer Bar Zeev, ironSource CEO

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