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Monetize your app with beautiful interstitial ads. Integrate them into your game loop at the right moments to maximize user engagement and app revenue. ironSource’s mobile interstitial ads lets app developers boost revenue while maintaining a seamless user experience.

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Interstitial ads definition

Interstitials engage users with rich, customizable, and appealing ads at natural pauses in your app’s flow, ensuring minimum disruption to user experience while still maximizing app revenue. They are full screen ad unit which offers users the option to exit and skip.

You might be surprised to learn that mobile interstitials are not always static. They can hold any number of highly engaging ad units which users enjoy – from interstitial video ads to even interactive interstitial ads like playables.

With the emotional impact and appeal of TV advertising, and the targeting available on digital, video interstitials see higher engagement from users and drive higher eCPMs for app developers.

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The benefits of interstitial advertising

Increase your interstitial ads revenue

With the right implementation, and using playable and video interstitials, developers can reach $10-$20 eCPMs in tier 1 countries. The average eCPM for interstitial ads range from $4-$6.

Monetize all of your non-paying users

Not every non-paying user engages with rewarded video ads, which makes them harder to monetize. As an alternative, you can segment users to understand which ones don’t engage with rewarded video, and serve them interstitials instead.

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Reward your users for a positive experience

Ever heard of rewarded interstitial ads? Serve your users an interstitial ad and then reward them with in-game currency. Rewarded interstitials are a great way to improve your user’s ad experience.

Interstitial ads vs banners

In comparison to traditional banner ads, interstitials tend to generate more revenue for publishers and offer enhanced user experiences. Many developers today prefer to use interstitial ad units – both video and static – to monetize their users.

Best practices for interstitial digital advertising

Stick to natural pauses

Interstitial ads are best served during natural transition points in the app lifecycle, since that’s when users are most likely to welcome and engage with ads. Doing so results in better ad performance and higher eCPMs – for example, pause menus, loading screens, and level completions.

A/B test your placements

Timing is everything. A/B test the optimal placement in your app’s funnel. Measure KPIs like retention, session length, ads shown per player, ads clicked, and CTR among users, and compare the results of each KPI across all the different possible interstitial ad placements in your app.

Cap the frequency

Showing many interstitial ads in a short period of time creates a poor user experience and results in lower retention, fewer impressions, and bad reviews. That’s why it’s important to cap the frequency of your interstitial ads by analyzing the ratio of impression/time.

Segement your users

Each user engages with your game differently. So when it comes to showing ads in your app , it’s best to segment ad type, frequency, and placement based on your users, catering to each segment differently. For example, your most valuable users should see fewer interstitial ads than your non-paying users, or no ads whatsoever.

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