ironSource Developer Day GDC 2020 – March 16, 2020 | West Hall, Room #3009, Moscone Center, San Francisco

Our 36 podcasts, 274 blog posts, and 169 articles have all been in preparation for this day. This year at GDC, ironSource is taking the stage, hosting 6 sessions (not enough) led by our own game growth experts, as well as designers, CEOs, and growth managers from top game studios. See you in San Francisco.

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9:30 – 10:30am

Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth at ironSource

How Not to Kill Your Game too Soon: Marketability and Knowing When Your Great Game is Also A Great Business

Learn how to make sure you’re not only greenlighting the right games, but also identifying potential market opportunities to capitalize on.

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10:50 – 11:50am

Herdje Zhou, Co-Founder at Lucky Kat Studios

From Spending Your First $1,000 of UA to Spending Your $100,000th: Two Stories of Successful Game Launches

How far can you stretch $1,000 for UA? And where exactly should you reinvest your first $100,000?

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1:20 – 2:20pm

Gabriel Lefebvre, Sr. Mobile Game Designer at Hyper Hippo

Nate Barker, Director of Biz Dev at Kolibri Games

Joshua Nilson, CEO at East Side Games

The Winning Elements of an Idle Game: 3 Game Post-Mortems

What are the top-performing idle mechanics and placements, and how other genres can adopt its winning elements?

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2:40 – 3:40pm

Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at ironSource

Hacking Creative: What the Hell is Going on with Game Ads Today?

Get insight into best practices for building creatives, brainstorming winning creative concepts, and measuring performance effectively.

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4:10 – 5:10pm

Omer Kaplan, CRO and co-founder at ironSource

The End of Hyper-Casual?

Beyond its success for the hyper-casual game developers who got into the market early, what has the impact of hyper-casual been on the wider gaming industry?

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5:30 – 6:30pm

Aimee Meehan, VP Advertiser Relations at ironSource

“More Ads, Please!” Said No One Ever: Striking the Right Balance with your Monetization

Take a look at how different ad implementations affect player experience, engagement, and progression, and how they impact the likelihood of players making IAPs.

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Get to know the speakers

Yevgeny Peres

VP Growth, ironSource

Before ironSource, Yevgeny joined Supersonic in 2012 as the Director of Mobile Operations, tasked with kick-starting the company’s mobile product development and operations. In 2016, following the merger with ironSource, Yevgeny began overseeing all mobile product strategy – meeting with top clients to understand which tools and capabilities developers need to maximize growth.

Watch Yevgeny’s webinar:

The ultimate game growth strategy

Listen to Yevgeny’s podcast:

Why game growth is a loop not a funnel

Omer Kaplan

CRO and Co-founder of ironSource

A tech veteran with 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, from 2014 Omer has led the company’s successful expansion in the mobile sector, making ironSource an industry-leading platform for user acquisition and monetization. Before joining ironSource, Omer was the founder and CEO of AfterDownload, a leading provider of display advertising technology which merged with ironSource in 2013.

Read Omer in International Business Times:

What Apple Arcade’s launch means for the game industry

Watch Omer at Casual Connect:

How is Asia changing the mobile landscape?

Dan Greenberg

Chief Design Officer at ironSource

In 2013, Dan came on to lead ironSource’s fast-growing design team. Today, Dan heads ironSource marketing efforts as well as the Playworks Studio, which develops the company’s interactive advertising activity. Since 2012, Dan has been a lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, teaching interactive design and UI/UX.

Aimee Meehan

VP Advertiser Relations at ironSource

With 13+ years in the casual gaming industry, Aimee brings in-depth knowledge on digital distribution and account management. Aimee develops and leads ironSource’s user acquisition and ad monetization Growth Partnership teams in San Francisco. Previous to ironSource, Aimee was Area VP at RealNetworks (GameHouse) managing distribution of their mobile and PC games.

Gabriel Lefebvre

Senior Mobile Game Designer at Hyper Hippo Games

Gabriel has been game designer and director for over 12 years, having worked on over 70 published games throughout his career. His specialties include free-to-play mobile game design, system and mechanics design, game economics, storyline development, and monetization.

Nate Barker

Director of Business Development at Kolibri Games

As a true mobile game enthusiast, Nate has helped businesses grow for nearly a decade. Nate was Senior Marketing Manager for the Taipei-based development studio Linekong Interactive and directed business development for the player conversion engine Seeds. He joined Kolibri Games in July 2017 and has helped the young studio to take the idle genre by storm ever since.

Listen to Nate’s podcast:

Designing and monetizing idle games

Read Nates’s blog:

Why are idle games so popular?

Watch Nate’s interview:

In-game brand advertising

Joshua Nilson

CEO at East Side Games

For the last 6 years, Joshua has been specializing in the mobile and social game space, his keen efforts integral to East Side Games becoming a profitable studio. Josh had previously worked at Relic Entertainment, where he contributed to critically and commercially acclaimed RTS games Dawn of War II and Company of Heroes.

Read Joshua’s interview:

Idle games and experiences for everyone

Learn about ESG:

How to optimize live ops

Herdjie Zhou

Co-Founder at Lucky Kat Studios

Herdjie founded Lucky Kat Studios with his brother back in 2015, after a life-changing event. Today, he mainly focuses on the studio’s business and development.

Listen to Herdjie’s podcast:

How an indie developer bootstrapped to #1

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