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One SDK Packing a Powerful Punch

Our mediation technology makes the entire monetization experience more efficient by creating a marketplace in which multiple ad networks compete. With a single SDK integration, you can setup, manage, and optimize across our global demand to deliver maximum yield for your inventory.

Let our algorithm do the work for you

At the heart of our mediation platform is our industry leading optimization algorithm. Instead of managing multiple networks manually, or relying on the standard ‘waterfall’ system, we offer an enhanced “weighted” delivery which ensures every network’s best performing campaigns are delivered first. This means maximum fill rates and eCPMs to drive the most revenue from your apps.

Our Platform
Platform Features

Test Devices and Tools

Test integration of ad units and networks on specific devices without harming your app’s live traffic.

Smart Loading Technology

Balances and intelligently loads ad network requests to ensure a smooth and stable user experience.

Cross Promotion

Drive engagement and promote your portfolio of apps to your own users.

Unified Reporting

Stay informed on network performance and revenue with a fully transparent central reporting dashboard.

Network Optimization

Maximize ad network performance by leveraging auto-optimization, or set it to manual for complete waterfall control.

Unique User Analytics

Gain user-level insight and ad engagement intelligence to fully understand how your users are being monetized.

Ad Placements

Customize ad unit placements, rewarded payouts, and delivery frequency to boost engagement for your ads.

Direct Campaigns

Create and manage direct deals with advertisers, agencies and networks without the need for an additional SDK.

Network Partners
Success Story

“It was just easier to depend on an algorithm to optimize the revenue for us, as opposed to manually updating a waterfall, incorporating different SDKs, and figuring out all the analytics behind that. Using a platform like ironSource really figures all that out for you.”

Christian Calderon, former VP of Marketing and Revenue – Dots


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