Mobile World Congress 2019: Agenda & trends

Mobile World Congress 2019 (aka MWC’19) is fast approaching. Here is everything you need to know.

Let’s take a peak at the big reveals, innovations, and industry predictions you can expect.

What is MWC?

MWC is the biggest and most exciting mobile event of the year, and it’s just around the corner.

Everyone who’s anyone in the tech world is going to be at the Fira Gran Via exhibition center in Barcelona on Monday, February 25th until the 28th, listening to keynote speakers, participating in showcases, and being a part of landmark innovations set to change the game in all things mobile. So put your airpods away … we’re going in.

1. Make way for 5G mobile technology

5G is the talk of the town, and for good reason. With substantially faster upload and download speeds, latency and communication time between devices will be drastically reduced. The shift to 5G will undoubtedly change the way we interact with our devices, leading to improved mobile broadband and data capacity to juice up our handsets.

Expect to see quite a few 5G devices this year. LG has already confirmed the G8 ThinQ, along with a 5G compatible device. But, LG is not the only one entering a new era – Xiaomi is also in the works with a 5G upgrade of their recently launched Mi Mix 3. Undoubtedly, the 5G revolution is spreading fast, though it might be some time before we see 5G smartphones everywhere.

Our very own Tal Shoham, CRO Mobile at ironSource, had much to say about the coming of 5G, telling VentureBeat that phones with unlimited packages will bring about more advanced hardcore games that need those powerful capabilities to run (i.e. PUBG and Fortnite). “Why wait for WiFi to download a gigabyte worth of game? You can just download it on the bus.”

5G will also have a massive impact on bringing midcore and RPG titles to emerging markets. Today’s 4G network makes it nearly impossible to play in real-time, especially multiplayer in a competitive level. Along with nearly instant downloading capabilities, 5G will reduce user frustration with its substantially lower latency, thus paving the way for more midcore and RPG’s to flood the market.

  • Monday, February 25 @ 9:00 – Keynote 1: Intelligently Connecting the World
  • Monday, February 25 @ 11:00 – What’s Keeping Operator CTOs up at Night?
  • Monday, February 25 @ 15:00 – 5G Summit 2019 – embracing 5G Era
  • Tuesday, February 26 @ 14:15 – 5G Devices: When Will They be Ready?
  • Wednesday, February 27 @ 11:30 – 5G Cities: Connecting People, Here, There and Everywhere
2. AI mobile revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast growing market that is projected to be worth $70B by 2020. AI has already proven itself to be a technological wonder – having shaken up the tech world, from enterprises and public security, to governmental sectors, and beyond.

Last year’s MWC touted new AI technology built into a security camera that detects suspicious behavior in real-time. If that isn’t impressive enough, the same Japanese telco, NTT, is set to showcase both ‘Smart Airport’ and ‘Smart City’ prototypes at this years’ MWC. The exhibits use AI coupled with facial recognition to track people on the spot, improving public safety one surveillance system at a time.

In terms of AI mobile applications, we see AI technologies powering deep targeting algorithms used to promote campaigns to relevant users across the world. They can effectively group and differentiate data, generating rich user profiles of individual consumers – based on previous interactions with the brands, online browsing habits, and demographic data.

Learn more in these sessions:

  • Monday, February 25 @ 11:00 – AI: Beyond the Hysteria and Hype
  • Monday, February 25 @ 12:30 – Keynote 2: AI Innovation, Ethics & Diversity
  • Wednesday, February 27 @ 14:45 – Reskilling for the Robots
3. Mobile video advertising: The race for consumer attention

A major theme in this year’s MWC is the evolution of content and the different mediums through which we host, distribute and monetize such content. These last few years have seen an extraordinary shift in distribution from the web to mobile networks and devices. Now, video and voice strategies are battling it out for user attention.

Video content accounts for the majority of consumer engagement, with 63% of businesses using video for marketing. All the while, voice commerce is gaining ground, reaching $40 billion and accounting for half of all internet searches by 2020. Both video and voice mediums are growing fast, disrupting the entertainment and content industry.

The following sessions will discuss how to maintain relevance in the new video and voice activated world.

  • Monday, February 25 @ 14:30 – Keynote 3: Immersive Content
  • Monday, February 25 @ 16:00 – The Business of Creating Amazing Consumer Experiences
  • Tuesday, February 26 @ 14:15 – Winning Consumers in a Voice Activated World

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