Top 51 mobile app & gaming statistics 2019

The mobile gaming market in 2019

The mobile gaming market has grown exponentially over the past 10+ years, and forecasts seem to predict a continuously prosperous industry. But, people say it’s important to live in the present; so what does the world of mobile gaming look like right now?

With billions of players and growing monetization methods, mobile games have created a particularly lucrative industry - even investors are taking note. The level of games investment has reached a record high of $9.6B in the past 18 months, according to VentureBeat. Furthermore, App Annie predicts that the total mobile device install base will top 6B by 2022. With an expanding casual audience, the mobile gaming market in 2019 doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

But until then, here’s the 51 top stats you need to get the big picture:

Mobile gaming market growth and industry statistics

Today’s mobile gamer

Who’s a gamer in the 2019 mobile gaming market? Everyone.

1. In 2019, the number of mobile gamers worldwide hit 2.2B (1)

2. Growth in mobile game engagement continues to increase at a rate of roughly 10% per year (2)

3. By 2022, it is predicted that 45.9% of the population will be mobile gamers (3)

What does a ‘gamer’ look like in 2019? Your mom (probably)

4. Almost 60% of gamers are aged 34 or older (1)

5. 63% of mobile gamers are female (1)

6. Nearly 80% of adults surveyed play mobile games at home or while multitasking. Over 50% of these users play them in the bathroom (4)

But how much time is going to gaming anyway? A lot.

7. In 2018, 56% of mobile gamers played 10+ times/week (1)

8. Games represent 10% of our time spent on apps - this share has held steadily over the years (2)

9. 1 in 2 mobile app users have opened a game on their phone in the last seven days (5)

10. Globally, consumers play an average of 2-5 mobile games per month (2)

11. Mobile games see the highest volume of users between 6-10pm (5)

The mobile gaming market’s top players: iOS and Android

Who is #1 in the game?

12. In 2018, iOS accounted for 64% of worldwide consumer spend while Android saw the lion’s share of worldwide downloads at 72% (2)

13. $0.74 of every dollar spent in the App Store is earned by games (2)

14. Mobile games earned $29.6B across both the App Store and Google Play combined in the first half of 2019, which is an 11.3% increase from the same time in 2018 (6)

15. Android and iOS apps made $39B collectively in the first half of 2019 (6)

16. In 2018, over 1.1M games launched on iOS alone and more than 1.6M games were released on Google Play (2)

Mobile games and top charts

So many games, so little time

17. 33% of all app downloads are games (2)

18. From June 2018-June 2019, 46 titles maintained a spot in the top 100 U.S. grossing games (7)

19. 1,200 games generated more than $5M in annual consumer spend in 2016. By 2018, that number had increased to 1,900 games (2)

20. 56% of game revenue comes from 3 genres: Puzzle, Skill and Chance, Strategy (8)

Mobile gaming dominates the gaming industry

Small but mighty

21. Worldwide, gamers will spend $152.1B in 2019 - an increase of +9.6% from the prior year (9)

22. Mobile gaming accounts for the largest segment in 2019, producing revenues of $68.5B - 45% of the global games market (9)

23. In less than 10 years, mobile gaming grew from the smallest gaming category in 2012 to what is now predicted to become a $100B industry by 2021 (10)

24. Mobile leads all other gaming platforms, combined, in consumer spend by 1.2x. This difference is expected to increase (2)

25. The mobile gaming industry is predicted to increase its market share from 2012 to 2021 by 730% (1)

The global mobile gaming market

What in the world is going on?

26. In 2018, China’s mobile gaming market accounted for more than 25% of global revenue (1)

27. In 2018, the US, China, and Japan accounted for 75% of mobile gaming consumer spend (2)

28. The industry in Southeast Asia is expanding; after China, India has the biggest market in total games downloads over the past two years (2)

29. In 2019, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region will produce a game revenue of $72.2B, generating 47% of total global game revenue (9)

What about the App Store’s place of birth, the US?

30. For the first time since 2015, the U.S. will be the largest gaming market by revenues globally with $36.9B in 2019 (9)

31. In the US alone, there are 203M mobile gamers (11)

32. In the US, the average person has 8 games on their phone (2)

33. In the US, users spend on average 23 minutes a day playing mobile games, equating to 1.3 years a lifetime (1)

34. 60% of Americans/Canadians play mobile games (8)

Mobile games and monetization

Goes together like peanut butter and jelly

35. 1 in 2 mobile gamers are said to use advertising to keep up to date on products they want (9)

36. Mobile gamers are 23% more likely than non-gamers to influence the purchasing habits of their friends, family, and colleagues (9)

37. In 2018, 74% of US mobile gamers said they were likely or very likely to watch a video ad if they earned in-app content like currency - i.e. improves their game success (3)

38. In 2018, 82% of respondents said they prefer ad-supported apps over paid, ad-free versions (3)

39. In 2018, over 95% of consumer spend on mobile gaming came through In-App Purchases (12)

40. Nearly 40% of players in 2018 treated mobile gaming as a relaxing activity. 81% of survey respondents said they’re most open to digital ads when they’re either relaxed or happy (3)

41. Within hyper-casual games in 2018, there was a nearly 60-40 split favoring ad monetization as opposed to IAPs (13)

42. In the US, game downloads due to paid ads increased by 15% from 2017-2018 (2)

43. 95% of all new ads fail to outperform the most efficient ads that are already on a portfolio (14)

44. Hyper-casual players watch 4.8 video ads, 2x more video ads than gamers in other categories (15)

45. Global app install ad spend is forecasted to grow by 65% from 2018 to 2020 (16)

46. By 2020, predications claim global app install ad spend will reach $64B (16)

Hyper-casual games on the rise

And it’s not casual. We mean serious growth.

47. The growth of the hyper-casual genre has brought roughly 101M new gamers into the market (17)

48. The market for hyper-casual games has been estimated to be between $2B and $2.5B (15)

49. 20% of new users who play both IAP and hyper-casual games first tried a hyper-casual game (15)

50. Hyper-casual gamers install 10x more apps on average than players in other game categories (15)

51. Hyper-casual games have experienced a 3.5x growth in the share of gaming app installs (18)


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