ironSource Rock: UA the Holiday Way

Reading the same decks, talking about the same best practices time after time gets a bit boring. We thought to share our best user acquisition tips in a completely different format.

So we recorded a music video. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy our Christmas gift to you!

1. Run multiple creative formats

For some games, playables are the highest-performing ad format. Yet for others, a combination of video and interactive end cards is better. The only way to find out what works best for you is to A/B test each and every one.

Often we see playable ads perform best on rewarded video supply, while video and interactive end cards (IEC) perform best on interstitial supply. To maximize scale, run your best playable while running your best video and IEC simultaneously.

2. Run worldwide campaigns and use creative localization

40% of advertisers working with us don’t run campaigns on tier-3 geos, however 34% of our installs come from these regions. Yes, LTV will be significantly lower compared to tier-1 countries. But with the right ROAS goal, you’ll see significant and profitable performance (like many our of clients do!).

Be sure to localize your creatives to your largest markets. Start with translation. Then adjust your designs. For example, in China use a lot of red. We noticed a 30% increase in IPM when localizing for China, and an 18% increase when localizing for western European countries.

3. Measure user-level ad revenue

To calculate the real ROAS for each source, you need both IAP revenue data as well as user-level ad revenue (UAR) data. Until now, UAR data was speculative.

Many developers bid high on sources with long retention. This is a mistake. Why? Just because a user has high retention, doesn’t mean they’re generating more revenue for you. Same goes for lifetime impressions. It’s not only the amount of impression that counts, it’s also the value of each one, which is based on the eCPM of the instance that serves the impression.

With our UAR solution, our mediation knows which instance served an impression to which user. That means we know exactly how much money you make per user - so you can bid more granularly.

4. Multi-bids, multi-bids, multi-bids rock

Now that you understand value per source, make sure to bid differently to maximize your scale on your best-performing sources - and avoid losing revenue on low-performing sources.

Sounds tough and manual? We know.

That’s why we just launched our new ROAS optimizer tool, which automates the whole multi-bid process utilizing both IAP and UAR data. Simply provide us with your ROAS goal and the tool will automatically change all your bids per source, on a daily basis.

The result is more scale, better profitability, and increased average eCPM and ARPDAU.

Now go back and watch the video, and the words will have a whole new meaning!

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