10 things you didn't know about ironSource

What do you really know about ironSource?

While many people have heard our name, most people don’t actually know what we do.

ironSource is the leading in-app video advertising platform. We make free-to-play and free-to-use possible for over 1.5B people around the world - meaning, we build the technologies that help app developers take their apps to the next level.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about us:

1. ironSource is 1 of 18 unicorns in Israel (and out of 260 in the world)

Unicorns (no, not the mystical creatures) are privately held startup companies with a current valuation of $1B or more.

2. ironSource boasts 400 engineers strong

Founded in September 2010, we employ over 800 people across 11 global offices. Over half of our man (and woman) power is devoted to R&D.

3. ironSource has completed 7 acquisitions and mergers, and raised $120M to date (one round).

And we’re always planning for future M&As.

4. We’re probably the one company that works with such a unique combination of partners

That list includes: app developers, telecos, carriers, and major brands.

5. Aura - our solution for device manufacturers and carriers - has completely replaced the existing out-of-the-box device experience

Aura empowers operators to turn their existing customers into active users, and has been integrated on around 80M devices so far. The future is only looking brighter.

6. We support all major ad units and our evolution doesn’t show any signs of stopping


7. We are committed to building the right infrastructure for brands

We believe that brands can and should all-in on in-game inventory. The gaming industry is far-reaching and incredibly lucrative. We will ensure that brands realize this.

8. Playworks is our in-house creatives studio

Made up of 35 extremely talented individuals, Playworks produces hundreds of interactive and playable ads every month, all based on our in-ad analytics platform.

9. Simply put - when it comes to games, our mediation platform is much bigger than everyone else’s


10. Our vision? To be the growth platform for game developers.


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