Provide value beyond
the point of purchase

Meeting Users Where It Matters

Aura builds new engagement touchpoints into the life cycle of the device. It allows OEMs and carriers to connect to their users by delivering dynamic and relevant content. From the moment they open the box, you’ll be able to create a meaningful relationship with your users by offering them content they will value.

OOBE (Out of the Box Experience)

Start engaging with users from the moment they set up their device. Aura guides users through an engaging and data-driven app selection process, empowering them to customize their device with the exact content they want.

Leave preloads behind

Users choose only the apps they want, making pre-loads a thing of the past. The end result is a device filled with apps that reflect the user’s interests and personality.

The best apps for your users

Aura benefits from ironSource’s relationships with global advertisers, ensuring you’re always able to offer high-quality, relevant content your customers will enjoy.


Use re-engagement notifications to provide utility, not push advertising. Aura gives you the power to anticipate the apps your customers will need, exactly when they need them. Leveraging real-time data, you’ll be able to recommend the most relevant apps at the right times.



Discovery Hub

The Aura discovery hub adds another touchpoint to engage with users, providing a comprehensive, branded collection of the world’s best apps for your users to enjoy throughout the lifetime of the device.

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