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Employing cutting edge technologies covering a wide range of fields, the installCore platform offers an optimal solution for the distribution, delivery and monetization of software.

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The installCore installation platform empowers software

installCore's installation engine installs better

installCore improves install completion rates by about 32%, partly because the installCore high-performance installation engine bypasses common technical points of failure relating to operating systems or browser specifications and settings. installCore also shortens download time by about 35%, thus expediting the installation process.

installCore monetization raises revenue stream

Application publishers and distributors worldwide use installCore’s installation platform to increase revenues. installCore provides a wide range of attractive offers from premium advertisers during the installation path, and optimizes the mix of offers based on the unique behavior of the user-base.

Installation Platform for both PC and Mac

installCore is one of the first major download platforms offering services for both PC and Mac. Mac software publishers now have access to installCore’s high quality traffic and reliable installation technology, and may review, manage and optimize performance from a single dashboard.

Download Faster. Install Smoother.

Customized installers reinforce branding and user trust

Whether the application is business or consumer oriented, the installCore installer may be customized to fit its look and feel, and then tested using the installer A/B testing tool to continuously improve results. Every branded installer is backed by dedicated graphic designers and a team of UI/UX specialists. These experts combine to make unique installers that are visually pleasing and easy to navigate for users. installCore’s collection of big data allows the designers and UI/UX team to adjust and continually make improvements that drive more installs.

Clear and comprehensive business intelligence

Publishers may log-in online to measure, monitor and analyze real-time installation results using the installCore installation analytics system. Publishers gain deeper understanding of each stage of their installation funnel, and insight into which stages may be adjusted to achieve even higher completion and monetization results.

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