“Each of our products is a start-up within the company.”

ironSource created the internal innovation hub called ironLabs to serve as the Company's center for the creation of new digital products, services and platforms. ironLabs helps preserve ironSource’s knack for disruptive innovation as the company continues to grow and expand.

ironSource is already home to a number of software, mobile, mobile web and cross-platform applications that offer high value products and services to hundreds of millions of unique and diverse users around the world. By fostering the creation and distribution of new products, ironSource maintains a developer’s perspective so our core products continue to answer developers' needs.

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The ultimate casual gaming platform on web, desktop & mobile devices

GAMEO helps game developers reach targeted players on multiple platforms using one playform.

Developed, designed and curated by gamers for gamers, the user-inspired GAMEO platform offers a selection of quality games in popular categories. On the platform games are easy to search and easy to discover. Full white-label solutions allow publishers to integrate GAMEO’s expanding offering into their sites. Gamers have the choice of playing download-only games, or online flash games.

Gameo also offers a mobile app that allows users to take the fun on the road.

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Games with attitude.

The Upopa mobile game studio, creators of the popular Hopeless games, joined ironSource in September 2014, bringing mobile game creation expertise to ironLabs . The Upopa team had already released three high ranking games that quickly reached over organic 1.35 million downloads. The games were listed in the finals for two indie game prizes, ranked in the top 20 games on the week of the release (The Guardian), featured in the iTunes US homepage, and featured in eight countries on the Google Play homepage.

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Sync with style your desktop and phone…favorite sites, messages and more

The cross-platform Spots experience centers around the dashboard, a fully customizable homepage that appears every time a user opens a new browser tab or new window. From the dashboard users can organize their favorite websites into groups of manageable shortcuts that are accessible with just one click.

By syncing Spots with their mobile account, users can easily access their favorite sites on their phones, while receiving call and SMS notifications on their PCs.

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