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Good user acquisition is an art and a science

We don’t believe you should compromise on either quality or scale. ironSource’s UA solution is built to ensure that we find the users that matter in the most cost-effective way.


Our platform analyzes over 150B data events each month, from across the entire user journey. We’re continually honing the accuracy of our targeting algorithms, allowing our partners to connect with relevant, segmented audiences around the world.


Fully transparent, our platform gives you complete control over your campaigns at any given moment. Our advanced reporting provides in-depth insights and analytics in real-time, allowing you to continually optimize performance.


ironSource controls a huge amount of market supply. Leveraging unique direct partnerships, along with programmatic media buying, we’re able to tap all relevant inventory for our clients, enabling them to drive significant user growth, globally.

Campaign Wizard

With full, self-served control over your ad budget, our Campaign Manager makes it easier than ever to create effective advertising campaigns, and then manage them easily.

Attribution Partners
Campaign Types

We offer a variety of campaign strategies to fit every KPI. No matter what your priorities are, from market share, to high-quality engagement, or subscriptions, you’ll get a customizable campaign tailored to your needs.


Cost per impression


Cost per engagement


Cost per action


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Apps Installed per Minute


Registered & Analyzed Data
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Direct Partnered Apps

Our Creative Edge

Communicate your message, drive results, and appeal to users with effective creatives, quickly produced.

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Data Solutions

Make your data work for you, not the other way around, with our comprehensive data solutions.

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Explore our Knowledge Center for helpful information about our developer products.

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