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One SDK, Every Kind of Ad

Your users are unique, and each will respond to a different mix of ad units. Our SDK provides you with every kind of ad out there to make sure you can pull from the widest possible range and build the right experience for each user.

Rewarded Video

Rewarded video increases engagement by granting users access to premium content or in-app currency in exchange for watching a high-quality video.

Native Display

Native Display utilizes one API integration, so developers can easily implement thousands of campaigns and serve customizable, non-disruptive ads seamless to their app’s existing format.


Offerwalls reward users for taking specific actions, increasing revenue, engagement, and retention by having users enter a mini ‘store’ with special offers linking to in-app rewards.


Interstitials engage users with rich, customizable, and appealing ads at natural pauses in an app’s flow, ensuring minimum disruption to user experience while achieving monetization goals.

Product Highlights

Rewarded Video

  • Enhances user experience
  • Presents a clear value exchange
  • Sees high engagement
  • Commands high eCPM’s from premium demand partners


  • Works as a seamless part of the app experience
  • Non-disruptive and totally opt-in
  • Drives increased retention and re-engagement
  • Commands extremely high eCPM’s


  • Engage with users as they complete a level, complete an action, enter, or exit your app
  • Benefit from both standard or customizable interstitial ad units
  • Run auto-playing video ads in-stream which engage users
  • Drive high eCPM’s and see high fill-rate

Native Display

  • Full customizability – ad units appear as a seamless part of an app’s look and feel
  • Filter offers by geo, WiFi/3G, category, device, type, and more
  • Developers can receive banners and video campaigns of all sizes
  • One integration provides automatic access to thousands of campaigns

Gardenscapes Playrix

Discover how Playrix enhanced their app's Gardenscapes' user base with quality installs leveraging ironSource engagement campaigns.

DH Texas Poker

Droidhen, a leading mobile development studio, was looking to maximize revenue and boost user engagement from their social gambling game, DH Texas Poker. The casino game operates with a single in-app currency that could be leveraged to generate significant revenue through rewarded ads.

Little Alchemist

Chinzilla and Kongregate
Chinzilla, an independent game studio, created the addictive game Little Alchemist and published the app with leading mobile game publisher and web gaming portal, Kongregate. The duo were interested in a monetization solution that would boost its app revenue and enhance the user’s gaming experience.
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