Acquire users that matter

Go beyond the install

User acquisition doesn’t end at the install. ironSource helps you find users who go the distance and will come back for more, with a range of campaigns that fulfill any KPI.


Connect with relevant, segmented audiences around the world. ironSource’s multi-touchpoint data platform means we can accurately predict what app a person will want to install next – guaranteeing that the users you acquire won’t just install, but will engage, too.


Get access to significant scale across all major platforms. ironSource controls a huge amount of market supply across all major platforms. Leverage our unique direct partnerships and programmatic media buying to tap relevant inventory and drive significant user growth in whatever market you need.

Unique, exclusive supply

Rise above the noise and connect with users on an exclusive, untapped distribution channel. Deeply integrated into the user experience of millions of devices worldwide, ironSource Aura gives advertisers the chance to stand out on a unique distribution channel. Connect with high-value users through new engagement touchpoints that are wired for relevance.

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Creative Innovation

Our in-house creative lab produces interactive ads which have a real impact on the user, increasing quality and LTV.

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The user acquisition process

Choose your ideal user:

User Profile


Gender: Male 76% Probability
Age: 25-30 82% Probability

User Profile


Gender: Female 83% Probability
Age: 25-30 74% Probability

User Profile

Casual Gamer

Gender: Female 78% Probability
Age: 20-25 83% Probability

Choose your goal:

Make a purchase

Order a ride



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Our Distribution Channels

Our technology enables us to find targeted users based on similarities to users we’ve identified via our direct supply sources. Tap into unique, direct supply, and fill in the gaps with programmatic media buy.

Direct Partnerships

  • OEMs & Carriers
  • App Developers
  • Mobile Websites

Mobile Platforms

  • SSPs
  • Exchanges
  • Mobile Networks

Social & Search

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google
  • Bing
Creative Innovation
Attribution Partners

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