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Mobile: The Challenge and Opportunity

As more functionality, attention, and consumption moves to mobile, brands have an incredible opportunity to engage with consumers in a new medium in a meaningful way. But mobile also presents a significant challenge – lacking the transparency, metrics and user targeting sophisticated media buyers are looking for.

In-app expertise

Apps are the new frontier in brand advertising, and ironSource has years of expertise in how to connect effectively with users in this medium. Our unique value is being able to combine a performance-oriented approach with multi-touchpoint user targeting and a deep understanding of the mobile economy. We empower leading brands to connect with people where they are most engaged – inside mobile apps.



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Unique data events analyzed per month


Direct partnered apps


Estimated devices shipping in 2016

Our Solution

Audience Data

Combining proprietary first-party data with external data sources allows us to build in-depth profiles on potential customers. Choose the audience you want to reach and we’ll connect you.

Flexible Solutions

Whatever the KPI our platform can deliver, with a wide range of potential campaign strategies designed to meet different metrics.

Global Expertise

We specialize in helping companies who are dominant in their own markets become leaders in others. With our international reach you’ll be able to connect with millions of people in the most exciting markets for your products.


Enjoy the peace of mind of a brand-safe environment and complete transparency. You’ll know exactly where your ads are being placed and to whom, with in-depth reporting in real-time.

Our Creative Edge

20 designers strong, our in-house studio will help you communicate your message, drive results and appeal to users, with  effective creatives, quickly produced.

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