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ironSource meets over 800M people at multiple touchpoints every month. This means we have one of the only multi-touchpoint data platforms in the world, and gives us the ability to build a complete picture of how users are interacting with apps. Using this platform, we’re able to accurately predict what app a person will want to install next.

User Profiling

Customizing a new device

· Installed 12 apps overall
· 6 productivity apps

User Profile


Gender: Male 76% Probability
Age: 25-30 82% Probability

Browsing a social network

· Clicked on e-commerce ads
· Watched video ad

User Profile


Gender: Female 83% Probability
Age: 25-30 74% Probability

Using a mobile app

· Watched video ad
· Made in-app purchases

User Profile

Casual Gamer

Gender: Female 78% Probability
Age: 20-25 83% Probability


The platform analyzes over 150B data events each month, continually enriching our understanding of what content users will want to see and when, and honing the accuracy of our targeting algorithms.


With the average user switching between three different devices during their day, a holistic view of the entire user journey is critical. With diverse solutions for different devices and platforms, we’re able to see users at multiple touchpoints, from using a mobile app, to customizing a new device, to browsing the web or mobile web.


By consolidating our first-party data and interlacing it with third-party data, we’re able to create deep user profiles which power our targeting capabilities, and allow our partners to connect with segmented audiences around the world.

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